Dwoegnore The Venerator

Grizzled old dwarf, With a bumb left knee that stiffens with climate change


Str. 14, Dex. 14, Con. 16, Int. 12, Wis. 16, Cha. 10

Armor class: 21 (scalemail 5, tower shield +4, Dex. Mod. +2, Plus Base 10)
Weapon: Dwarven Waraxe +1 to hit, 1d10
2 damage, x3 critical.

“This is a dwarven caster <throws>”


I once had a family, but then I stepped into the portal of ancient design. I ended up in a new world of light and sky not the dark security of earthen tunnels. Lost is my weapon Chaser my Heavy Repeating Crossbow. My mule, with all of my equiptment, and my trade tools. I am anger, I am wraith, with Dwarven Waraxe left by my side. I step into your world…Beware.

Dwoegnore The Venerator

Darkland Survival 101 Dwoegnore